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inprojal - Contemporary professional electric systems

inprojal is your efficient partner for special electrical products. Special demands require tailor-made solutions: under this premise we have been focused with our know-how and long-term experience on specific applications in the electric installation field. The products that we develop and manufacture are technologically trendsetting, easy to install and provide the user with comfort, safety and energy efficiency.
Our business focuses on two main areas:

  • Home automation 
  • Special switching systems for the furniture

We are leaders in innovation and technology in the business areas in which we have concentrated. High quality standards and a competent service complement each other and bring the user the certainty of being assisted by specialists.


Powerful solutions for modern electric systems

Success is no accident. Inprojal's sustainable corporate development is the result of a strong team effort and is based on extensive experience and specific expertise of our employees.

With our products and special solutions, we are specialized in specific fields of application of electrical systems. As an OEM supplier we cooperate with leading industrial companies as well as with wholesalers and processing traders - in Germany and across Europe.

With our user-friendly systems we could sucessfully establish ourselves in the building automation business. We are manufacturers and distributors of products related to the control technology such as Powerline solutions, remote solutions, electronic products (timers, relays ...) as well as mechanical switches. We have clearly focused on control and automation of roller shutters, blinds and sun protection products.

Regarding the switching area, we are focused on the development and distribution of customized solutions for the furniture, leisure and automotive industries. Our special built-in sockets and switches are to be used in furniture for kitchen and bathroom, in the internal finish of boats and caravans, in the laboratory fittings as well as in many other applications.


Competent by experience

The new inprojal elektrosystem gmbh is registered in January 2004 merging from the former Rojal GmbH and vedder inpro GmbH. In close cooperation with the partners of the Poschmann Group inprojal develops and produces control systems for roller shutters and sun protection as well as systems for special applications in electric installations and in the automotive and furniture industries.
Foundation of Nero Electronics Ltd., Minsk in Belarus by the developing  and trading partners Sketch and inprojal. Nero Electronics develops and produces home automation systems in close cooperation with inprojal. Nero Electronics distributes our proprietary products in Eastern Europe whereas Western Europe is supplied by inprojal.

Focus on the successful implementation of several large-scale development projects for brand name suppliers in the electrical industry. Two industrial sectors arise as the key business areas for inprojal:

  • home automation / roller shutter and venetian blind control. With the new products in the Powerline segment and home automation inprojal sets technological standards in immunity to interference and reliability in signal transmission.
  • switches to mount in furniture: our product portfolio is distiguished by one of the largest product ranges for electrical installation in furniture including many international models of sockets.

Presentation of new product ranges in the field of Powerline technology and remote control. A patent application has been filed for the “NERO II” technology, which makes inprojal a technology leader in the segment of Powerline products.
In November 2006 our company gets the DIN ISO 9001 certification. 
Installation of NERO II technology in further reference buildings. Presentation of the new Schuko product range being characterized by a screwless spring terminal technique. 


The company altron bv presents its first tubular motor with inbuilt NERO II technology. Inprojal participates in the pilot project "Moderne Wohntechnologie.
Further development of the SCHUKO product range with screwless spring terminal technique including shock protection cap with integrated strain relief device.
inprojal presents its first 50 x 50 rotary switch and extends its 50 x 50 product line with one more product.

Further expansion of the company's product range with newly developed relays, a wind-sun sensor and other products.