System 10.000 System 10.000 VP Snap-In
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Earthing Contact Pin with screw terminals, with flap

  • no additional shock protection
  • fitting depth 25 mm
  • 2-pole +E, 16 A, 250 V~
  • with pre-assembled flap
DescriptionSurfaceColorArticle No.PUCat
    roving texturedWhite10020 F 35 KLF W10/2004
    Grey10020 F 35 KLF G10/200
    Brown10020 F 35 KLF BR10/200
    Black10020 F 35 KLF SCH10/200
    Slate Grey10020 F 35 KLF SGR10/200
    Agate Grey10020 F 35 KLF ACG10/200
    polished, high glossWhite10020 F 35 KLF HG W10/200
    Black10020 F 35 KLF HG SCH10/200
    • metal finish, electroplated
    Silver10020 F 35 KLF G H S10/200
    Gold10020 F 35 KLF G H G10/200
    polished, dull glossSilver10020 F 35 KLF G M S10/200
    roving textured, dull gloss10020 F 35 KLF S M S10/200

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