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Dimmers (6 products)

DC Dimmer 12V / 60 W
for 12 V input and output voltage, max. power 60 W, to dim bulbs in vehicles with 12 V battery,   make and break switch thermal fuse fitting depth 34 mm shock...
Dimmer 230 V~ for halogen lamp with electrical transformer
For low voltage halogen lamp with electronic transformers. Other possible applications: filament bulbs, high voltage halogen lamps   phase-angle...
Dimmer 230 V~ for halogen lamp with wound transformer
for low voltage halogen lamp with wound transformers, on/off switch / toogle switch phase-angle dimmer thermal fuse shock protected sockets usable for 10055/105
Dimmer 230 V~/50 Hz for filament bulbs
for filament bulbs and or high voltage halogen lamps,     phase-angle dimmer on/off switch / toogle switch thermal fuse shock protected sockets usable for...
Dimmer Cover
consisting of cover plate and adjusting knob
Electronic Potentiometer
for electronic series connection unit with 10 V control voltage